A Trust dedicated for promotion of aromatic & medicinal plants.

Explore. Research. Develop.

Our main objective of the Trust is to preserve, protect and develop traditional medicine knowledge through scientific study, survey & research on the materials and techniques, with goals to achieve sustainable progressive development in the economy and overall well-being of the People.

Rimnei Thlai

(Aromatic Plant)

Damdawi Thlai

(Medicinal Plant)

Eng nge Aromatic Plant?

Aromatic Plant chu rim na tak nei thlai a ni a. A rim hi ei tur tihrimtuina atan te, inkah rimtuina (perfume) siamna atan te, rannung hlauh atan te hman theih a ni a. Damdawi atana hman theih pawh tam tak a awm a ni. Mizo ṭawng chuan Rimnei Thlai tiin kan sawi mai ang. Thlai hrang hrangin a rim neih hi a rimtui kan tih ang hi a ni vek lo a, rim na tak leh rimchhia kan tih thlengin a awm thei a ni.

Eng nge Medicinal Plant?

Damdawi Thlai han tih hian "Eng chin hi nge thlaia kan pawm dawn?" tih zawhna lian tak a awm a. Eng pawh ni se, tunah rih chuan India Sawrkar, Ministry of AYUSH hnuaia National Medicinal Plants Board-in chin pun tura a thlan chhuahte hi thlaia kan pawm chu a ni a, chumi bakah chuan Mizorama kan lo chin a, kan lo enkawlte mekte hi kan huamtir bawk a ni.

What we do?


The Trust provides financial support to farmers and group of farmers for cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants.

Cooperative business

The Trust provides technical support to farmers on business opportunities of aromatic and medicinal plants cultivation.